Out of Office: Notes from Umbria

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Destination: Umbria, Italy

What We Experienced:

In Umbria, truffle hunting is an age-old tradition and every family in the area has a truffle hunter.

And due to the region’s flora, it’s easy to see why. The wooded parts of the region are made up of beech and oak trees – the preferred homes of the famous Umbrian black truffle. Both the summer and winter varieties are abundant here, while the white truffle is a rare find.

On this visit to Umbria, we decided to participate in a hunt. Anxiously, we followed our hounds through the woods, and experienced a surge of excitement each time they located these dark edible treasures. In the afternoon, a delicious truffle-based lunch was served in the backyard of the farm. The truffles were, of course, the highlight of our meal – a delicious veal tagliata – which was topped with freshly grated scorzone (truffles), and paired with an excellent Sagrantino wine.

Where We Stayed: Villa Tiberio

Set on top of Mount Tezio near Perugia, Villa Tiberio embraces the magnificence of a castle lifestyle, while maintaining the warmth of a contemporary home. It’s the ultimate retreat where you can be pampered and escape from it all – and it’s all thanks to an extensive restoration led by an international award-winning architect and interior designer.

The home is composed of nine suites, each exuding the charm of an era passed, juxtaposed by modern comforts. Every room has a fireplace, renaissance tapestries, frescoes, artwork, fine linen, and wonderful views, making it a truly unique and completely unforgettable getaway.

Until next time,

Margherita & Saffo



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