Experience Italy with an Active Adventure

If your love of the outdoors is never quite satiated, you'll look at your Italy villa vacation in a whole new light. Find epic outdoor and active adventures in the Old World.

When you think of Italy, you likely think of world-class cuisine, the finest wines, gastronomic adventures, and Old World luxury. While all those are most certainly true, it’s also completely possible to explore Italy with a top-notch active adventure. So, if you’re hoping to see Italy in a new light, discover those hidden gems, and experience more than ever before, these are the adventures you won’t want to miss.

Hike Mount Stromboli

Hiking Mount Stromboli

You’ll fall in love with Stromboli the moment you see it. This tiny island is a mere 12 square kilometers and only has about 600 inhabitants throughout the year. The rest of the visitors are tourists, and many of them are there, like you, to witness the beauty of Mount Stromboli. This active volcano stretches over 3,000 feet above sea level and has been a state of almost continuous eruption for nearly 2,000 years. You’ll hear and feel the gentle rumbles in intermittent intervals throughout the day. Enjoy breathtaking sea views from every direction, and enjoy a guided group tour of this impressive giant.

Enjoy the hiking trails on the Amalfi Coast

Walk the Path of the Gods

Think walking isn’t your thing? Trust us, you’ll think again; this hiking trail is so much more than you can imagine. Tracing along the winding cliffs from the towns of the Amalfi Coast to Nocelle, adventurers will enjoy panoramic sea views and breathtaking mountainous vistas. You’ll climb and watch as the villages become mere specs below, truly giving you the feeling of being a god. With coastlines that are unobscured, dazzling scenery, and a series of vertical highs and lows, it’s a feat to conquer. The walk will take you about four hours total – and will definitely prepare you for a cooling limoncello.

Take a dip in some of the freshest mountain waters in all of Europe

Take a Dip in Lake Garda

This stunning holiday destination in northern Italy is set on a backdrop of the snow-capped Alps and has what some consider the most beautiful villages lining its shore. Best of all though? Lake Garda is a beach destination and a haven for watersports enthusiasts. When the warm Italian sunshine is out, visitors from around the world flock to some of the best beaches, including Sirmione. Just a few minutes’ walk from a castle and its historic town, Sirmione offers safe swimming, a breathtaking beach, and some of the clearest water on all of Lake Garda. It’s a must-see.

Other Adventures You Might Want to Try

The adventures don’t end there. Visitors and locals are always finding new and exciting things to do. Ready to up that adventure meter even more? Here are a few additional excursions you may want to try…

  • Explore Etna National Park
  • Cliff jumping from Cavaliere (Knight’s Rock) on Meta Beach – Pro Tip: while popular, we recommend exercising caution and following local guidelines
  • Go horseback riding in Sardinia
  • Try mountain biking in South Tirol

The opportunities for adventure are endless, and if you love to be active, Italy offers some of the best underrated and adventurous excursions in the world. Explore our portfolio of villas in Italy, and start planning your next escape today.