A Guide to the Italian Lakes Region

Known for its incredible landscape, Italy’s northern Lakes region is home to some of the country’s most stunning bodies of water (and incredible villas).

The Italian Lakes boast a Hollywood-like lustre, and you may feel like you've been cast in a movie the moment you step onto the balcony attached to any number of villas in Italy. Before you start quoting "Ocean's 11" or "Charlie's Angels," you may want to take a look at the pristine body dotted with bobbing sailboats and leisure travelers who have nothing better to do than soak up the sun.

Situated along the Swiss-Italian border, the Lakes region boasts not only a spectacular landscape, but also what many travelers have come to expect in a luxury vacation: decadent food and wine. While staying in Lombardy, you'll have ample opportunities to indulge in the area's sophisticated multiculturalism, which combines influences from Austria, Spain, Germany and France, to create a perfect synthesis of traditions.

If you're looking for the most idyllic villa rentals in the northern Italian region, Lake Como is absolutely stunning.

Whether you're staying at vacation rentals for a week or a month, you should set aside at least a few days to explore Lake Como. A number of villas are located along the shores of this deep blue body of water, which is best explored on a ferry or rented sailboat. In the village of Bellagio, visitors can eat a delicious meal right along the water at one of the many lakeside restaurants. If, on the other hand, they're up for a bit of an adventure, travelers can head to Ristorante Bilacus, which has charming views of the village as well as a traditional Italian menu.

For a taste of true decadence, you should consider staying at Cira, which is literally perched right along the shore of Lake Como. With three bedrooms and top-of-the-line interior designs, this contemporary villa is ideal for families or vacationing couples looking for a getaway.

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