All That Jazz in Umbria

Thinking of exploring Umbria? You may want to do it in July – when the Umbria Jazz Festival is held in Perugia. Learn more about it here, as well as where to stay.

What do Miles Davis, Lady Gaga, and Eric Clapton have in common? They’ve all taken part in the Umbria Jazz Festival. Held annually since 1973, this 10-day gathering brings over 200,000 people to the streets of Perugia at the end of every July.

The performances are predominately jazz – think Chet Baker, Sarah Vaughan, and Gil Evans – but there have been a fair share of non-jazz artists too. Cuban salsa, African tribal, rock, pop – at this gathering, you can hear it all, and by talents ranging from Carlos Santana to Mika, who’s performing this year.

The many varied performances take place in different venues in the historic center of Perugia, with many of them out of doors. Generally, those that are outside are free, while the concerts that can be enjoyed for a fee are hosted inside around the city.

Can’t make it in July? Try the Umbria Jazz Winter Festival instead. It takes place annually in late December to early January and is hosted in the city of Orvieto.

Ready to go? Plan your stay at these villas:

Camilla – Positioned approximately 30 minutes away from Perugia, Villa Camilla is a great option for those looking to enjoy the festival. It’s a beautifully restored three-level country house set inside a ten-acre estate and offers comfort that rivals even the best boutique hotels. The furnishings are the finest quality, the linens are luxurious, and the extensive, manicured grounds are absolutely breathtaking.

Montana – Charming, unique, and somewhat magical, Villa Montana is a beloved two story home positioned near Perugia. The home’s grounds are sprawling and are home to a garden and pool, as well as scented flowers and lavender bushes that perfume the air. Inside, many fall in love with the home’s traditional Italian atmosphere created from exposed beams, high ceilings, terracotta floors.