Breathtaking Views from the Bastione di San Remy

After climbing a monumental stairway from the Piazza Costituzione, you’ll discover Bastione di San Remy and impressive views of the beautiful Sardinian landscape.

Booking villas in Italy make an international excursion that much more special. While there is enough surf, sun and sand to go around, vacationers with luxury rentals on the shores of Sardinia may be looking to spend a day away from the beach and enjoy a few historical attractions on the Italian isle. While many of you will happen across the nearly 8,000 nuraghe buildings peppered throughout the island, vacationers can learn about Sardinian history while enjoying its breathtaking beauty at the Bastione di San Remy.

Located in the oldest part of the capital city, Cagliari, the Bastione di San Remy is a large terrace that overlooks the city, and much of the island of Sardinia. The area is categorized by a large, opalescent archway made of limestone, which overlooks the city and Angels Gulf. The plaza was created as a link between the district of Castello and the marina below, and was created in classic style, with large Corinthian columns and tiled mosaics.

Since its latest renovation, the area has become a hotbed for artistic exhibitions, making it an ideal location for vacationers to pick up souvenirs or explore the local culture.

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