Caribbean Islands: An Update from Our Team

After hurricanes Maria and Irma, Caribbean islands where our villas are were damaged. But things are looking up! Get the update from our team on how these destinations are doing.

While most of the islands in the Carribean weren't damaged by hurricanes Irma and Maria, there were certainly a few that were damaged. Now, months later, our team is visiting these destinations to update us on the islands’ progress… 


A view from Dreamin Blue in Happy Bay, St. Martin.


St. Martin

How’s the island doing?
Expected to welcome guests starting March 1st, this island has done an amazing job of cleaning up, but there’s still a way to go. The people of St Martin are strong, and you can sense a feel of normalcy and pride in their recovery. The airport is still a major work in progress – your arrival, baggage and transfer areas are all set up under tents – but it’s efficient, and people move quickly through customs. St. Martin was definitely one of, if not the hardest hit island, and some structures are still damaged. But, you can easily enjoy a great vacation here now and, because tourism is slow, you’ll have less crowds.

What’s your favorite thing about visiting St. Martin?
The food and the bakeries. From fresh seafood, French and Italian to a quick pizza there is something for everyone, and the baguettes and pastries are made fresh daily.

Do you have any restaurant recommendations, or are there any must-try foods?
Sol e Luna is open and is fantastic. There’s a great ambiance – water views from many of the tables – and they have a price-fixed lunch for under 25 euros. Try the seared Tuna – it is amazing.

A favorite beachside restaurant, Straw Hat, which is beloved by our team.



How’s the island doing?
Anguilla will start welcoming guests April 1st. And, honestly, if you did not know that Anguilla was in the path of one of the deadliest hurricanes on record, you could never tell. The hotels are rebuilding, two are opening shortly, and about 60% of our villas open and repaired, and approximately 85% of will be available by summer. And, because tourism is slow, there are fewer crowds and the beaches feel private.

Are restaurants open? 
Yes, most of the restaurants have reopened. We had lunch at Straw Hat, a beachside restaurant that has been completely renovated after the storm, and the fresh seafood and sandwiches were delicious.

What’s your favorite thing about visiting the island? 
The beaches – especially Meads Bay – are some of the best and prettiest in the Caribbean, and Anguilla has a wonderful golf course.


The serene view of the sea from Infinity in Sheriva, Anguilla.

 St. Thomas

How’s the island doing?
St. Thomas will start welcoming guests on April 1st. The island is still in recovery mode, but they have made tremendous progress. There is very little visible exterior damage and the electricity has been restored island-wide, but the internet, TV, and cell service is still spotty in areas. The hotels are still closed, but there are many villas in perfect shape. The restaurants are almost all open, as are the shops, which is great, since the island is known for its jewelry.

What makes this destination different from other places in the Caribbean? 
It is a US island, so no passports are needed.

What’s one of your favorite villas there and why? 
Infinity – stunning infinity pool with incredible views from the deck, the pool and the villa – I love just sitting by the water’s edge and becoming mesmerized by the view.


Captivating sea views from Javacanou in St. Bart's.


St. Bart’s

How’s the island doing?
Overall, the island looks great, and all essential services have long been restored. The biggest issue is that one of the most popular things to do in St. Bart’s is dine seaside and, for the most part, the restaurants and boutique hotels that housed some of them are not open. That said, the visible damage is minimal, and roughly 90% of the buildings are either repaired or being repaired. The shops in Gustavia are open, for the most part, as are most of the non-beachfront restaurants, and transportation is great, as tourism is slow, so parking and traffic aren’t an issue.

Do you have any advice for first-time travelers to the area?  
Instead of taking the ferry, which can take 75 minutes or more, I recommend flying in, as it is a short 10-minute flight from St. Martin, or a quick 1-hour flight from San Juan. 

What are the best beaches there? 
Saline Beach and Flamands Beach both are wonderful, and St. Jean Beach isn’t shabby either, but there are many, many beautiful beaches in St. Bart’s.


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