Fall in Lava with Italy

Investigate some of Italy’s incredible volcanoes. Whether it’s a hike on Mount Stromboli or a chair lift up Mount Etna, these forces of nature warrant a closer look.

Although you might associate Hawaii with active volcanoes, Italy's Mount Vesuvius, Vulcano, Stromboli and Etna are some of our planet's most unpredictable forces of nature. In 2002, Etna erupted and formed a massive crater and since then, hikers have not been allowed to trek past 9,500 feet. Scientists are keeping a close eye on all of the seismic activity in the area, so guests at villas in Italy can rest assured they will be safe during an adventure up the slopes of these mountains.

Mount Stromboli
While hiking up the side of Mount Stromboli - where the lava flow thousands of feet below the surface might actually look like the Italian staple - trekkers should keep their eyes on the luminous and eerie volcanic landscape. After thousands of years of eruptions, the scree (hills formed by volcanic rock) now resembles a Mars-like terrain. You'll have to arrange an excursion with a guide because eruptions happen a few times an hour. Having a volcanic expert by your side is an added advantage - you can ask as many questions as you want about Italy's active peaks.

Mount Etna
Famous for its massive size (about two and half times the height of infamous Mount Vesuvius), Mount Etna is a feisty and unpredictable volcano. Other than the dozens of mini craters that formed from the eruption a decade ago, this gigantic mountain, which reaches about 11,000 feet, is brimming with activity from sulfuric steam vents to oddly colored ponds and lakes. You don't even have to put on your hiking shoes to enjoy the majority of the slopes, as a ski lift will take you up about 2,000 feet without breaking a sweat.

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