Which Island Is Right For You?

Not sure which U.S. Virgin Island to visit? Take this quick quiz and discover out if St. Thomas, St. Croix, or St. John is right for your next vacation.

There’s no denying that each of the U.S. Virgin Islands is absolutely gorgeous, offering postcard-perfect beaches, iconic cuisine, and an effortless laid-back vibe. But each island is distinct, and choosing between them can be quite a challenge. The solution? Taking this quick quiz, which will help you choose from 3 of the Caribbean’s most incredible destinations: St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John.

1. What do you want most in a beach?
a. Nearby amenities
b. Incredible snorkeling/diving
c. Pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters

Do you have a budget?
a. Yes
b. Kind of
c. Not really

What day trip sounds the most interesting?
a. Swimming with sea lions at Coral World Ocean Park
b. Touring an 18th sugar plantation with a fully restored windmill
c. Hiking through a forest and encountering ancient rock carvings

What kind of town would you like nearby?
a. One with lots of things to do
b. One with some things to do
c. What town?

Do you need a lot of family-friendly attractions?
a. Yes, please
b. Maybe just a few
c. No thanks

What would you like to have close to your villa?
a. Nightlife and duty-free shopping
b. Historical and cultural attractions
c. Lush greenery and national parks

What bothers you the least?
a. Tourists
b. Seclusion
c. A lack of attractions



If you answered mostly A: Head to St. Thomas.
Home to Charlotte Amalie, the bustling capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is the easiest of the three main islands to reach… which also makes it the most populated. Because of this, St. Thomas offers the widest variety of attractions – from duty-free shopping to world-class restaurants – as well as pristine beaches and family-friendly activities.

If you answered mostly B: Explore St. Croix.
The most remote of the islands, St. Croix is perfect for those seeking a secluded getaway. Its varied landscape makes it ideal for a wide variety of outdoor activities, including horseback riding and beach lounging, though St. Croix is perhaps best known for its at-sea offerings. “The Wall,” a vertical stretch of coral reef that runs along the North Shore, is hailed as one of the most spectacular diving and snorkeling sites in the Caribbean.

If you answered mostly C: Experience St. John.
While it is the smallest of the trio, St. John is also the most pristine, with about 60% of the island protected as national parkland. Thus, the island attracts nature lovers looking to hike trails through lush greenery, relax on snow-white sand, and swim in crystal-clear waters. It’s also close to the British Virgin Islands, making it a great home base for day trips.