5 Must-Visit Beaches in St. Martin

St. Martin may be small, but it boasts 37 beautiful beaches. And, if you only have time to see a few, these 5 should be at the top of your list.

St. Martin contains 37 different beaches in its 37 square miles, and every single one is worthy of a magazine cover. We recommend that you make it a goal to see all of them in your lifetime. But if you had to choose just a few to visit, these beauties would be at the top of our list for their variety, unique atmosphere, and “wow” factor. 

(1)    Orient Beach
Located on the French side of the island, Orient Beach is gorgeously scenic and bustling with beach bars, restaurants, and water sports facilities. Nicknamed “The St. Tropez of the Caribbean,” Orient has a very Mediterranean ambience, with a designated nature resort located at the beach’s southern tip. 

(2)    Cupecoy Beach
Cupecoy Beach is actually a series of coves located below a steep limestone cliff, reached only by staircase. It’s located off the beaten track, but the trek is absolutely worth it. With soft sand, crystal-clear water, and dramatic views, Cupecoy Beach is one of St. Martin’s most stunning beaches.

(3)    Maho Beach 
Maho Beach, while beautiful, is known for an unexpected feature: its proximity to the airport. Incoming planes must fly very low to make it onto the short runway at Princess Juliana Airport, which is located only about 40-100 yards behind the beach. Bring a camera: you’ll probably never experience a Boeing 747 fly so close to you again.

(4)    Baie Rouge Beach
Named for its pink-hued sand, Baie Rouge is one of St. Martin’s calmest beaches, but still offers chair rentals and a few beach bars on its Eastern stretch. As you walk west, you’ll find more privacy and less clothing. You can even reach a small, secluded section of the beach by swimming through an arch in the rock.

(5)    Happy Bay Beach
Happy Bay Beach is usually blissfully secluded, due to its hard-to-reach location; beachgoers must either boat to the beach or hike through the underbrush to reach it. Perfect for couples or privacy-seekers, this small stretch of shoreline offers built-in shade from surrounding palm trees and some of the best snorkeling off the coast.

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