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Introducing Italy

It may sound hyperbolic, but Italy really does have it all: fascinating history, iconic art, impeccable food and wine, and a sunny Mediterranean coastline. From the peaceful lakes in the north to the rolling hills of Tuscany, down to the craggy seaside cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and the volcanoes of Sicily, every region has its own landscape, culture, and distinct cuisine. Italy is a country that begs to be returned to again and again.

Italian villas are ideal retreats for families, groups of friends, and couples looking to slow down and savor la dolce vita. 

Region Overview

Amalfi Coast: This stretch of coastline on the Sorrentine Peninsula in southern Italy is one of the country’s most picturesque regions; you’ve probably seen photos of its colorful houses stacked along the sparkling sea. But pictures cannot do the Amalfi Coast justice. Experience its alluring beauty from your villa’s private seaside balcony, swimming pool, or dining terrace. 

Lazio: Situated in the center of Italy along the western coastline, Lazio acts as the regional divide between the north and south. Lazio also includes Italy’s capital, Rome, a city whose historic, architectural, and cultural treasures are simply unmatched. Our villas in Lazio are located in Rome or the surrounding countryside, where you’ll find medieval hilltop villages, thermal spas, beach towns, and ski resorts. 

Liguria: Located in the northwest corner of Italy, wedged between the Alps, the Apennine Mountains and the sea, Liguria offers travelers the best of two worlds: rugged, unspoiled beauty alongside the laid-back luxury of the Italian Riviera. Our Liguria villas are located in or near the chic resort town Portofino and the famous Cinque Terre, a particularly gorgeous stretch of the Riviera previously only accessible by boat. 

Lombardy: Lombardy’s northern position on the Swiss border affords it a unique topography. The Alps in the north give way to glacial lakes (known as “The Italian Lakes”) and the plains region, which is home to one of the world’s fashion epicenters, Milan. Most of our Lombardy villas border the lakes, offering peaceful views of the mountains and easy access to charming waterfront villages.     

Sardinia: While officially part of Italy, Sardinia is as close to North Africa as it is to the Italian mainland, and it feels like an entirely new world. With a mountainous interior and famously idyllic beaches (think crystal-clear turquoise water and sugary sand), Sardinia maintains a wildness that is as exciting as it is relaxing. Our villas in Sardinia are located on the exclusive Costa Smerelda (“Emerald Coast”) and within easy reach of the island’s capital, Cagliari. 

Sicily: As the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has been host to a fascinating range of cultural influences. You’ll find traces of Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman, and Spanish in Sicily’s cuisine, architecture, and dialect. Explore Sicily’s eclectic array of attractions– including Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano – from your private seaside villa.  

Tuscany: Tuscany, the region west of Liguria and north of Lazio, is must-visit for anyone with an appreciation for good food, impeccable wine, art history, or – though less well-known – beautiful beaches. Home to sprawling vineyards, quiet medieval villages, and coastal resorts, Tuscany has something for everyone. Stay in a renovated Tuscan farmhouse, on a working vineyard, or in a villa near the famous Renaissance art cities of Florence and Siena.

Umbria: Southeast of Tuscany and north of Lazio lies Umbria, “the green heart of Italy.” As the only Italian region that doesn’t share a border with the sea or another country, Umbria has remained shielded from mass tourism; it’s often described as the Tuscany of decades past. Our villas in Umbria range from renovated medieval castles to restored farmhouses with their own organic gardens.

More Italy: Explore the portfolio of villas we represent in less traveled destinations in Italy. You’ll enjoy the same personalized service from your dedicated concierge, who will arrange everything from private chef services to customized excursions.

When to Go

Summer is the most popular season to visit Italy, which can mean crowds, especially on the Amalfi Coast and in Italy’s most well-known cities like Rome and Venice. Locals tend to leave for their own vacations in August, but attractions stay open for visitors. 

If you’re looking to avoid the summer rush, consider traveling in March or April; though rain is more of a possibility, you’re just as likely to experience perfect spring weather. 

If you’re interested in witnessing the grape and olive harvest, visit Tuscany in the fall, when vineyards, wineries, and olive presses will be in full swing. September also brings lovely mild weather to the coast, which can be quite hot in the summer.

Winter is a particularly enchanting (and quieter) time to visit Tuscany, where villas feature cozy fireplaces, towns like Florence and Siena are beautifully decorated for the holidays, and seasonal winter produce (black truffles, beets, pumpkins) provide for a lesser-known, unique culinary experience. 

Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts: Saffo Martelli
Meet the Experts: Saffo Martelli

Saffo Martelli • Managing Director, Italy Division

Saffo has over 20 years' experience choreographing unforgettable vacations for guests. She was born and raised in Sicily and met Margherita in New York, where they formed a partnership dedicated to helping guests experience the unique beauty, lifestyle, and culture of their native country.

Meet the Experts: Margherita Bilenchi
Meet the Experts: Margherita Bilenchi

Margherita Bilenchi • Managing Director, Italy Division

For well over two decades, Margherita has dedicated her time to creating one-of-kind Italian villa vacations for travelers. Born and raised in Tuscany, she met Saffo in New York City, where they formed a partnership dedicated to helping guests experience the unique beauty, lifestyle, and culture of their native country.


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