Experiencing the Holidays in Italy

Buone feste! Marked by festive markets, decadent foods, and (of course) wine, the holiday season in Italy is not to miss. Discover what makes it special on our blog.

In Italy, wherever you go for the holidays, it’s inevitable that you’ll bump into some kind of festive market. They’re a way to turn ordinary days into something special, and each city does it a bit differently.

Travel to Florence, and you can discover works of art, food, antiques, and activities at the market in Piazza Santa Croce or in Piazza del Carmine. And from December 8th until January 6th, the town plays host Santa Claus’ Village at Largo Pietro Annioni.

While not far away, Siena’s market is vastly different. On the main piazza, the town is transformed by a real medieval fair, home to crafts and products both made locally and in every part of the world.

And as you might expect, incredible foods play a dominant role in any holiday celebration – regardless of the city. Expressed in a plethora of dishes – from sweet to savory – a special meal in Italy is one you don’t want to miss.

The menu can vary based on the region, but classic dishes include tortellini in brodo (tortellini soup), lasagne al ragù (lasagna with meat sauce), abbacchio (roasted lamb), and polenta e baccalà (polenta and cod), which symbolize abundance.

Each dish is traditionally served with a fine wine – red, white, or sparkling prosecco – and for dessert, no meal is complete without a piece of panettone, a fluffier version of fruit cake. Many Italians also eat it for breakfast (it’s delicious with a hot cup of cappuccino).


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