Going to Italy in the Fall? Do These 5 Things…

Need a reason to visit Italy in the fall? We’ll give you five! From wine harvests to truffle hunts, these experiences make traveling to Italy in the fall a no-brainer.

It’s true: Italy is beautiful every time of the year. Every season offers visitors a unique set of experiences – from strolling along streets in full bloom in the spring to exploring holiday markets in the winter – and fall is certainly no different. Only during these months can you enjoy some of the country’s best events and activities to their fullest, including these five…

Discover how wine is made without leaving your villa.


1.  Experience the wine harvest
Love wine? Perfect – in Italy, it’d practically be sacrilegious not to, especially in the fall. The autumn months are typically when the grapes are harvested and, as many of our villa rentals are home to vineyards, you have the opportunity to experience the harvest first-hand. Some estates include Bacco, Machiavelli, Castello, Chiusa, and Alba.


Sample freshly made olive -- either in your villa or at a local vineyard.


2.  Taste test fresly made olive oil
On many of these estates, vineyards of another kind can often be found too. Olives, a staple of Italian cuisine, are also harvested in the fall, and the event can be experienced at many of our villas, including Alfieri and Palazzo. Or, if tasting olive products is more your interest, you can enjoy olive oil tastings – either in your villa or at another local vineyard. 


Take part in a truffle hunt -- a centuries-old tradition.


3.  Go on a truffle hunt
From about April to December in specific regions of Italy, you can experience a truffle hunt first-hand. For centuries, these mushroom-like fungi have been harvested and, while their appearance is somewhat unappetizing, their taste is unlike anything else. You can follow trained hounds through the woods as they locate the mushrooms and, in the afternoon, enjoy a delicious truffle-based lunch.


Discover some of the coast's most iconic tastes: fresh lemons and locally-made cheese.


4.  Sample limoncello and cheese
If your travels take you to the coast, don’t miss a day of sampling some of the regions’ best-known products – like limoncello and cheese in Sorrento. You can walk through a 200-year-old lemon grove, taste freshly squeezed lemonade or limoncello, and visit a small dairy farm. There, you can pet the cows and watch different cheese-making techniques before you taste the finished products accompanied (of course) by a generous glass of wine.


Explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast with a boat tour.

5.  Take a boating tour
Seas the day and enjoy a boat tour of the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unlike during the summer months, the weather from September to October is pleasant without being too hot, and the area is free of crowds, affording you the opportunity to explore the coast at its best. You can swim and snorkel to hidden caves, glimpse Roman ruins, and stop for lunch at a quaint family-run restaurant.

Ready to start planning your Italy villa vacation? Our concierge team can help! They can arrange all the details for experiences (including the ones above), plus provide you with insider tips to make your trip memorable.