The Hunt Is On: Finding Truffles in Italy

Hoping to experience an authentic truffle hunt in Italy? Learn more about it – and where to stay – during a vacation at one of our incredible villa rentals.

If you’ve never tried a truffle, it might be hard to imagine their allure. Their aroma is pungent, their appearance is somewhat unappetizing, and their price tag is steep – as much as $168 an ounce (and sometimes more). But after trying one, you’ll nearly immediately understand their appeal.

For centuries, these mushroom-like fungi (or, really, the fruit of fungi) have been harvested. Unlike actual mushrooms, they grow underground, and are sniffed out with the help of a pig or dog. While there are over 70 different species, only two rank at the top of the culinary food chain: the black truffle and the white truffle.

Which is better? Even experts can’t agree. But you can decide for yourself while staying in villas located south or near Siena. From April to December, you can participate in hunts at an authentic farm in the Val d’Orcia region that specializes in both white and brown truffles. And, after a hunt, you can enjoy tastings and truffle-based meals.


Ready to go? Plan your stay at these villas:

Villa Ilaria – Positioned just a mile from Palaia, a charming village between Pisa and Florence, sits the recently restored estate of Villa Ilaria. The property is composed of two separate houses, making it perfect for large groups, and offers breathtaking views of the iconic Tuscan landscape. Book during November, and enjoy a week-long package stay in connection with the San Miniato White Truffle Festival.


Castle Tiberio – Recently and completely restored, Tiberio is a magnificent 12th century castle that will exceed all your expectations. The interior is decorated with period art, tapestries, and furnishings which are juxtaposed by modern features, including a state-of-the-art kitchen. Outside, the castle boasts 5 hectares of land, which are home to many features, including a truffle hunt during certain months.


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