Wine Your Way: Personalized Amalfi Coast Wine Tours

On a villa vacation in Italy, everything should be tailored to you – even your wine tour. Choose from these 5 wineries to visit and let our team arrange the details.

If you’re staying in the Amalfi Coast, choosing a tour of a single winery can be incredibly challenging. (There are so many to see!) Luckily, we can help, by arranging a personalized excursion. Simply choose the wineries that sound the most intriguing to you, and we’ll take care of the rest, arranging a driver for the day, lunch at a winery, and, of course, tastings.


Mastroberdino winery in southern Italy.



Located in the Campania region of Italy, Mastroberardino is a winery not only unique to the area, but indeed the world. For over 11 generations, this winery, owned and operated by the Mastroberardino family, has been producing unique varieties that have brought attention to winemakers of southern Italy. Mastroberardino is also widely revered for its work in ampelography (identifying and classifying grapevines) and in preserving ancient grape varieties – including those enjoyed during the ancient Greek and roman periods.


Marisa Cuomo winery in Furore, Italy.


Marisa Cuomo

In the little-known town of Furore, you’ll find Cantine Marisa Cuomo, a winery synonymous with the rise in quality of wines found in the Amalfi Coast. The winery’s unique locale produces dramatic vines, which sprawl over an area of 50 acres, clinging to pergolas and vertical rock faces, growing at altitudes ranging from 328 to 2,460 feet.


Feudi di San Gregorio winery.


Feudi di San Gregorio

This innovative winery, founded by a husband and wife team, has a reputation for exciting and innovative approaches to winemaking. Here, each bottle is created with the belief that it is its own work of art with a personality all of its own. Thus, Feudi di San Gregorio collaborates with artists and architects, resulting in unique wines, bottles, and spaces (including the new winery built in 2001).


Wine tasting at the Tenuta San Francesco winery.


Tuenuta San Francesco

In an effort to revive an ancient viticultural tradition, Tenuta San Francesco was created in the green heart of the Amalfi Coast. The farm covers 21 acres, producing wines from the grapes of three local, historical families: the Bove, the D’Avino, and the Giordano. The winery’s cellar was recently completed in 2005, and is set inside the ancient estate of the Di Palma family.


Wine from the Ettore Sammarco winery in Ravello.


Ettore Sammarco

Ravello, a medieval village perched nearly 1,200 feet above the sea, is home to Ettore Sammarco, one of the oldest wine producers on the coast. Since 1962, this small, family-run operation has produced wines made from grapes grown exclusively in the area, as well as delicious liqueurs, like classic limoncello and finocchietto (a fennel-infused spirit).


Ready to go? Our concierge team can help you look at our Italy villas, as well as arrange your unique wine tours (and more) during your stay.