6 Incredible Restaurants to Try in Cabo

While vacationing at an incredible villa, it can be hard to leave your retreat, but these 6 amazing restaurants in Los Cabos are well worth the trip.

In Cabo, incredible food is just about everywhere. There are hundreds of places to get a bite to eat – from tiny taco stands to upscale restaurants – each with their own unique (and delicious) flavors. But with so many options, navigating where to dine can be difficult.

Thankfully, Cabo Villa Specialist, Kim Palmer, is here to help. Below, in no particular order, you’ll find a (small) sample of her favorite restaurants, each offering unbelievable dishes you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Baan Thai, San Jose del Cabo
“Really interesting Pan-Asian cuisine with exotic flavors.”
At Baan Thai, intriguing tastes from around Asia come together to create unusual, yet harmonious, dishes. Created using fresh ingredients, the flavors on the menu hail from Indonesia, Thailand, China, and Laos, and can be paired with a wide selection of wines, both domestic and imported.
On the menu: Lamb shank braised in a coconut and green curry broth with cilantro and lemon grass.

2. Sunset Da Mona Lisa, Cabo San Lucas
“Sophisticated Italian cuisine served on a terrace. It’s a very dramatic setting – views of Cabo San Lucas Bay and El Arco.”
Sunset Da Mona Lisa has been made world-famous for its incredible views and its incredible food. The menu focuses on Italian cuisine, including handmade pasta, with a heavy emphasis on fresh seafood, all of which you can enjoy while looking out over the bay at stunning El Arco.
On the menu: Lobster stuffed with baby spinach, bresaola, and smoked pancetta, served with ginger risotto roll and prawns marinated in a dry vermouth sauce.

3. El Chilar, San Jose del Cabo
“Delicious food and extensive wine list, plus it’s just a wonderful atmosphere.”
Described as “Mexican cuisine with a new touch,” El Chilar encourages patrons to explore traditional dishes that are reimagined by Casiano Reyes and Armando Montaño. Every month, these talented chefs design an entirely new menu, using a variety of full-flavored chilies as the main ingredient.
On the menu: Grilled tortilla and salmon napoleon with mango pico de gallo.

4. La Panga Antigua, San Jose del Cabo
“Excellent outdoor dining, a sophisticated menu, and great atmosphere.”
Tucked away in downtown San Jose del Cabo, La Panga Antigua is the restaurant of choice for those seeking contemporary Mexican cuisine and incredible seafood. The menu’s incredible dishes celebrate local flavors with the use of locally-sourced ingredients.
On the menu: Catch of the day with smoked pepper and green pumpkin seeds crust served with wild mushroom salpicon and chorizo risotto.

5. Voila, San Jose del Cabo
“Great patio area for outdoor dining, as well as dining indoors.”
Homey Mexican dishes complemented by decadent French twists and a dash of Asian influence? At Voila, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Roberto Valle has quickly become one of Cabo’s hottest chefs, thanks to the incredible dishes featured on the menu of this cozy, romantic spot.
On the menu: Lobster burrito with Manchego cheese, avocado, cabbage, and mango chipotle salsa.

6. Flora Farms’ Field Kitchen, San Jose del Cabo
“This has become the place to dine in Cabo. Everything is organic and farm-to-table.”
In the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains sits Flora Farms, 10 acres of lush organic crops. Established in 1996, Flora Farms also touts a grocery, bar, and the renowned Field Kitchen, a restaurant serving handmade food created using the farm’s incredible fresh ingredients.
On the menu: Wood oven roasted young chicken with thyme, lemon, and butter served with roasted potatoes, glazed carrots & beets.

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