6 Things You’ll Love About a Pizza Class

What’s more fun than eating pizza? Learning how to make! With this villa experience, a pizzaiuolo (pizza expert) will teach you to create this iconic dish from scratch.

When it comes to food, there are few dishes more beloved than pizza. And, on your villa vacation in Italy, you can learn how to create authentic pizza from scratch with none other than a pizzaiuolo (pizza expert) to guide you. There’s a lot to love about this experience, including these 6 things…

An expert will teach you how to use an authentic pizza oven in one of our villas.

1. The ingredients are fresh and simple.
The ingredients used in the classes come from local Tuscan markets (though, it doesn’t really matter where the ingredients come from, so long as they’re Italian). It is, however, essential that they’re fresh. Pizza is made from very simple ingredients, so it’s important they’re fresh for the best taste.

2. It’s great for kids and adults.
Unlike some classes and excursions, a pizza class is great for both kids and adults. It’s a unique activity to experience together, promising fun and entertainment for all. 

3. The teacher is a professional.
The class is led by Alessandro, a professional pizza maker from Naples, Italy. Though he’s young, he has a lot of experience and is a great teacher, which makes the class amazing.

During the experience, you can sip wine as you wait for the pizzas to cook. 


4. It’s in the kitchen of one our villas.
Instead of at a school kitchen or culinary institute, the pizza making class takes place in the kitchens at one of our rentals, including Villa Machiavelli, which are equipped with professional wood-fired ovens. 

5. The steps are easy to follow.
Making some dishes from scratch can be daunting, but pizza isn’t one of them. First, you’ll prepare the dough, let it rest, stretch the dough by hand, add the desired toppings, and slide into the oven. And, of course, you’ll have help from the pizza master along the way.

When it's out of the oven, you can sample your creation.


6. The end result is super rewarding.
Making pizza is certainly one of those things that looks easy, even though it’s not. In December 2017, UNESCO awarded world heritage status to the Naples art of pizza making, declaring the job of pizzaiuolo intangible cultural heritage. So, learning how to make an authentic pizza is truly a feat. (And sampling your work when it’s fresh from the oven isn’t bad either!)


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Photos courtesy of @frameofluxury and @saramaruca87.