Our Top Picks: 3 Favorite Villas in Sicily

Planning a trip to Sicily? Take a look at these 3 villas. With ideal locations and unique amenities, they’re perfect for making your next vacation unforgettable.

Positioned just off the toe of Italy’s boot, Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island. For centuries, the area has been dominated by civilizations, and each has left behind something unique. Doric-style Greek temples and Byzantine mosaics are among the many sights to see, as well as natural wonders, including the famous Mount Etna. And then, of course, there are the beaches – stretches of golden sand met by clear turquoise waters.

Thanks to incredible locations, these Sicilian villas take advantage of all the island’s offerings, while providing guests with unique amenities and luxurious accommodations.

While there are many things in Sicily that struggle to balance the old and the new, Villa Maude is certainly not one of them. The home’s ultra-sleek and ultra-modern interior is in perfect harmony with traditional details and its desirable location. Positioned only about 20 minutes from the seaside, Maude finds itself smack-dab in the middle of the serene DOC wine region, offering a spectacular view of Mount Etna.

Want to sip wine on a private terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea? Then Villa Naxos may be the home away from home for you. Gorgeous both inside and out, this recently remodeled villa features over 3,700 square feet of space, with an additional 8,000 square feet out of doors. In the back of the home, guests will find a free-form private swimming pool, a large table, and access to a private black volcanic rock beach.

At Villa Tangeri, guests have the opportunity to taste and smell the best of Italy. The home sits on a 120-hectare estate which produces organic oranges, mandarins, and clementines – all of which perfume the air with citrus. Inside, the beautifully restored home seamlessly combines old with new, marrying updated amenities with a great selection of original antiques.

Villa Tangeri’s location also makes it ideal for day trips to nearby sites, which include Catania, Siracusa, and Taormina, as well as Mount Etna.


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