Out of Office: Notes on Our Favorite Villas

Not sure which villa in Italy is right for you? Take a closer look at these 3 gorgeous Italian homes – favorites of our villa experts, Margherita and Saffo.

How do we get our incredible travel tips? Through these posts. As our experts are out visiting the destinations featured in our portfolio, they share with us the best activities, newest attractions, and their favorite villas, supplying us (and you) with an up-to-date account of the areas.

Destination: Italy

What We Saw:

Although Italy has been united since 1861, its various regions have always maintained strong identities – separated by different foods, dialects, art, vegetation, and even outlooks on life. Because of this, those who travel to the country always find something new to discover – regardless of how many times they’ve visited.

Throughout our travels in Italy, we’ve gotten to experience many of the country’s regions, as well as many incredible villas. And, while each is wonderful in its own right, these three homes (in three very different areas) are among our favorites:

Villa Aiola

Tuscany, Italy

Positioned in the Val D’Orcia (the exquisite, unspoiled part of Southern Tuscany), is the 1,700-acre estate of Villa Aiola. Long walks, bicycle rides, picnics at sunset – the grounds lend themselves to ample activities and, as they’re fenced, allow children to explore free of worry. The estate is also home to a futsal court (the 5-on-5 soccer variant), and a lovely pool area. During our stay here, we found our mornings promising swimming and sunbathing, followed by lunch under the pergola.

Villa Romeo

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Although it’s often a less sought-after destination than Positano, the town of Sorrento boasts superior sunsets, smoother drives, and miles of flat walks. One of our favorite properties here (and, if we’re honest, all of Italy) is Villa Romeo. The home has gorgeous gardens with plenty of shaded areas, large suites with private living rooms, and an outdoor kitchen, which is ideal for al fresco dining. Also outdoors is a beautiful swimming pool – the perfect spot for sipping a glass of limoncello while watching the sun set beyond glitzy Capri.


Villa Maude

Sicily, Italy

In Sicily, many things struggle to find balance between the old and the new… but Villa Maude isn’t one of them. Maude is unique, not only as the most recent addition to our portfolio, but as a home whose sleek, ultra-modern interior is in harmony with its traditional details and stunning location. Only about a 20-mintue drive from the seaside, Maude is positioned directly in the DOC wine region with a glorious view of towering Mount Etna. It’s the perfect place to take in the incredible natural beauty of the area and, usually at the same time, enjoy a glass of rich, local wine.


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