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Destination: Rome, Italy

What We Saw: The Trevi Fountain

After a painstaking 17-month renovation, the music of the Trevi Fountain’s crystal waters plays again. Thanks to a multi-million dollar commitment by the Fendi Fashion House, the 253-year-old fountain has been returned to its former glory and brought up to modern times. Now, the iconic stone structure also includes a system of more than 100 eco-friendly LED lights, allowing it to shine into the late-night hours.

During the fountain’s original construction, some were very critical of the ongoing work – including a barber shop owner whose business was on the left of the square. The man is fabled to have made many lewd comments, inspiring some of architect Nicola Salvi’s design choices. On the side of the fountain closest to the barber’s shop, Salvi added a sculpture of a large jar, supposedly to obstruct the shopkeeper’s view. Is it just legend? Maybe. But the jar is placed in a very awkward position and, on the other side of the fountain there is no similar sculpture… so the story may contain some truth.

Before leaving the site, don’t forget to throw a coin in the fountain. (Make sure your back is to the fountain and you’re throwing the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder.) This will ensure your return to Rome.


Where We Stayed: Apartment Erica

Set in a hyper-central location just steps from Piazza di Spagna, we appreciated the quiet and elegant interior of this sophisticated apartment.

The complimentary local concierge service was wonderful, and helped us discover one of the trendiest (and tastiest) restaurants nearby called Life.


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Margherita & Saffo


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